5 classic yet awesome gifts ideas for groomsmen

The Big Day is about to come, you have already chosen whom will stand next to you when you make this great move into your new life. Your groomsmen have always watched your back and they will once again be there during the most important day of your life. They are your best bro’s and they deserve a gift worthy of their friendship!

Groomsmen gifts should be special, unique and fit into the masculine category – style, hobbies or even vices. You want to make your buddies feel special and offering them a unique kind of a gift. It’s the reason why engraved/custom gifts are so popular among grooms. I believe though that you can also find non personalized gifts that will also blow their minds!

That’s why I have listed here 5 gifts that are both classic and awesome to give your groomsmen.

A personalized shave kit

While you can think of thousands of gift ideas for your groomsmen, a shave kit is the kind that will be remembered and used for a very long time. Make sure your buddies have the right accessories to shave like their grandpas and always look good wherever they go. This shave kit has it all: a straight razor, a shaving brush, some shave soap, strop and a moustache comb-walnut.

A fountain pen

groomsmen gift idea - fontain pen

“To hold a pen is to be at war because a pen is mightier than a sword.” A pen can make ideas fly and spread all around the world. Every gentleman should possess one. If your groomsmen don’t have their own yet, this is the gift you were looking for.

Custom cufflinks

A classic among the classics! Cufflinks are so popular for groomsmen gifts that they had to make the list! Groom Cufflinks from Gregson & Buck however are pretty special. They are personalized in shape and material and you can either make them with the initials of your groomsmen or you can ask for cufflinks specially made for your Big Day!

A cigar case

groomsmen gift idea - cigar case

A case is a must have for any cigar connoisseur. They protect your cigars from being crushed while keeping them at the right humidity for a better conservation. Cases in leather usually give a well-dressed appearance and a modern style! Why don’t you fill them with good Cubans and make your bro’s enjoy a good smoke on your wedding night ? 

A dopp kit

groomsmen gift idea - dopp kit

Get your groomsmen this essential item for travelling. Remind them that whenever they are on the road your door is always open and how invaluable their friendship is to you!

Grégoire is a pure cross-cultured product. Born and raised in Brussels, he soon caught the travel fever. He spent a few years studying business administration, living and travelling in Asia, Latin America and Europe. Along the way, he discovered diverse forms of refinement and elegance. Today he settled down in his loving Brussels with one objective: inspire men to express their personalities through fashion accessories.
Favorite quote: "If you have the opportunity to do amazing things in your life, bring someone with you" - Simon Sinek

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