Formality differences in groom and groomsmen attires

Everybody always talks about how the bride and the bridesmaids should dress (or should have dressed) and it feels good sometimes to put the groom and his men on the spotlight!

The most important thing to bear in mind when it comes to find the best outfits for the groom and the groomsmen is how formal you want your wedding to be:

  • Ultra-formal: Men will be in tuxedos or in tailcoats.
  • Formal: Men will wear black or dark-coloured suits.
  • Semi-formal: Coloured-suits or suits made of less formal materials. This level of formality usually suits well summer weddings, beach weddings, and country weddings.

Here I will list a few attire examples for the groom and his groomsmen ordered by formality


Colours can and should be used in a wedding. It highlights your outfit with freshness and enlightenment. For example, a yellow or a pink waistcoat brings out energy while remaining ultra-premium!

groosmen tailcoats

Photo credit: Groom goes free 

Look at these guys! Aren’t they classy and stylish? They all wear tuxedos yet the groom opted for an electric blue version that is both gorgeous and very distinctive. Straight away you can tell they are the groomsmen and who the groom is.

tuxedo groom

Photo credit : Friatux


Sometimes it feels good to keep the classics intact and this one is never wrong! A slightly darker grey for the groom, same tie and same boutonniere and voila! Easy, sophisticated and simply never wrong! If you are not into grey-coloured suits, try navy blue and you guys will look awesome!

 grey suits groosmen

Photo credit: Bethany Snyder Photography


Here comes most of the fun because you can ally colours and accessories with style. Do not hesitate to combine colours to create a harmonious outfit. Look at this beige suit with a blue shirt and a pink tie. It is absolutely gorgeous and chic! You could give a yellow tie to your groomsmen if you want their outfit to be slightly different than yours.  

light beige suit with a pink tie

Photo credit: Spottswood photography

Do not underestimate the power of coloured socks! They are fun, photographs love them and they are just the small touch your groomsmen needed.

coloured socks

Photo credit: Facilisimo

All styles can be highlighted with specific accessories. Some however work are must-have for any wedding formality: 

The boutonniere

You can find lots of examples here in this article.


Cufflinks can also be a very nice touch to distinct groomsmen from other guests. Check out our custom groom cufflinks !

A tie or a bow tie

Try to be creative and do not hesitate to go for a little fun with coloured ties!

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