Gift ideas for men from a man perspective - 2017 edition

You’ve probably read dozens of gift guides for men written by women. I’m sure some of them were great and the suggestions were interesting. Yet, I bet none of them revealed the secret of what guys dream about in a present offered by their lover. If you're looking for a wonderful gift for a wonderful person, welcome aboard because you're on the right spot.

Gift Ideas for men from a man perspective

So, let's get down to business straight away. 

Wanna know the hard truth? We don't NEED anything. Really, that's just the way it is. We've already bought the affordable everyday gadgets we like and let's face it, we both know you're not going to buy the 1969 Ford Mustang we've always dreamed of but can't afford.
Sure, you could go with the classic "beard care kit" that we’ve once mentioned but this kind of gift is likely to be as remembered as what Uncle Bob gave us for Christmas last year.

The good news is since we don't need anything, we're not expecting anything spectacular so you can't really mess it up! That being said, if your gift is too common, you won't score any point and we're not going to remember it.

For an unforgettable gift, all you must do is to give something deep and meaningful to your man. It doesn't have to be expensive. It just must be personal, enjoyable and kind of usable. 

You don't especially need to focus on tangible things; a special moment you'll spend together can also make a great gift.
Now it's your turn to work but here are some tips that will help you find out the unique, timeless and wonderful thing you've been looking for.
- Remember a joke just the two of you share and the great times that followed.
- Think of a unique souvenir that sometimes comes up.
- Recall a thing that he sometimes says he really need but never went forward with buying it.

Gift ideas for men in 2017

I hope some of you have found the perfect gift for your partner or are on the verge of doing so and I'm glad if I helped.
Yet for those who are still all at sea, I'll give you a list of great gifts that you can easily customize according to your man's style.
The wild
Is your man adventurous? Try organizing for him an activity he has never (or rarely) done and experience it together!
Whether it's a one day hike in the nature or a climbing initiation, find something that he will like and go make great memories. It's even better if it's an activity that you're not especially fond of. He'll notice you went above and beyond for him and will be even more grateful!
The cheesy
Who said men don't like being cheesy from times to times? As long as we believe people around us don't know it, we will be moved and touched by loving gestures.
A coupon book is what I’d call an awesome cheesy gift. It's highly customizable, almost free and can be used over a long period of time. To be sure to score some points and of course if it’s your style, do not hesitate to make it a bit kinky ;)
Have a look on Pinterest for voucher ideas and designs! 
The dapper
If your man sometimes suits up, you may go for fashion accessories. Men don't have much jewels and I believe it's a shame. The jewels we receive from someone we love are often the ones that matter the most and we’ll like to wear them only but to unique occasions.
Here I recommend two Belgian brands that create real masterpieces for modern gentlemen.
There's firstly Raidillon 55 that partners with a Swiss manufacturer to offer exquisite watches that are each made in 55 copies. In addition to that, they also offer leather goods, gloves and keyrings.
Then there’s of course Gregson & Buck that creates unique custom cufflinks. Our products are designed by men for men. We believe every man likes distinguished, elegant and tailored accessories. If you agree, have a look at our custom monogram cufflinks for more information.
The useful
Ok this kind of item doesn't fall into the "custom" category but remember when I said it had to be personal I also said that it had to be something that we could enjoy. 
Does your man like great meat? If the answer is yes, I’d suggest offering him a great Barbecue. I'm not talking about the rubbish you'll find at Costco but I'm referring to the premium Weber charcoal grill (or the gas one if your man is a bit... lazy). The type of grill that will make your man wants to invite its friends over for savoring a med-rare Irish rib-eye with a good glass of wine.

As a matter of conclusion, I’ll remind you the single big secret that’s by far the most important. It may seem obvious but it’s something we often forget: make it personal! That’s it. If you offer an intimate gift to your partner, there’s nearly no chance you’ll get it wrong ;)
Last but not least, now that we all carry our smartphones everywhere, I'd strongly advise you to create a "gift idea" note that you can update every time you get struck by a present idea for a close friend of family member. I've started doing this a few years ago and it really helps me when the pre-Christmas shopping season arrives!

Thanks for the read & feel free to share with us the perfect gift for your partner in the comment section!

Gaétan is born the 19th of february 1990 in Brussels, Belgium. He spent all of his childhood in Brussels suburbs..

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